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Big relief globe of Mars

The increased interest in the Mars discovery and success of Mars rovers NASA: Curiosity, Opportunity and Spirit inspired us to develop a relief globe of Mars.

  The landscape of Mars is really captures the imagination, especially volcanic group, led by the largest volcano in the solar system, "Olympus" and the system of giant canyons of "Mariner's" valley. All these varieties of the Martian surface are clearly mapped on our relief globe of Mars with digital precision.

Relief globe of Mars has a diameter of 100 to 135 cm. Globe may be interested in amateur astronomy, scientific and educational institutions, as well as people wanting to unusually decorate those interior.

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Our globe of Venus in Moscow planetarium

Our globe of Venus in Moscow planetarium

Relief globe of Venus with diameter 135 cm. Globe was made ​​to order for the Moscow Planetarium to his discovery after a long restoration.

For the manufacture of the globe widely used technology 3d printing.

At the moment the globe adorn the museum hall "Urania" Moscow planetarium, where you can look at it "live"

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Maxiglobus is a producer of large floor globes of any of the planets, with every texture, every detail, with or without physical relief, with a diameter of 1 meter or more.
Maxiglobus is the only manufacturer of large relief globes!